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The Nomad Portfolio - About

Nomad aims to transform hospitality concepts to be the regions fastest growing hospitality company. Nomad is about a whole new dimension of cool, social travel accommodation and public spaces for the young at heart. Our vision is to lead the way in alternative accommodations, to be recognised regionally as the best in its class and to create a worldwide portfolio of achingly attractive, design and even-driven accommodation place that are stylish, contemporary, central, social and safe.


Our mission is to become the region's leading contemporary accommodation brand. We do so by offering stylish, cool yet affordable accommodation in centrally located hostels with even-led, soulful social spaces. Our goal is to excite the sense and be innovative with a wide ranging, F&B and ancillaries offer appealing to in house guests and the local community. We strive to use design, technology and innovation to be distinctive and to improve efficiency and drive our selling across multiple channels, with a focus to our website, to attach both group and individuals, corporate and leisure, and diversifying our geographic focus to increase our price premium over competitors. By ensuring we have on brand team with the passion and local knowledge to make our guest's stays memorable, we put the interest and safety of our quest and customers first. 


Our values are about being stylish, social and safe. Putting the "s" into the word hostel. Along the way we will embrace new technologies, demonstrate a global cultural perspective with a neighbourhood curation, and seek to be environmentally aware. 

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